• Autonomous ships

    2019-02-25 11:51:38 | Future of Maritime

    ‚ÄčNexGen is here. Quote:"Interestingly, Captain Mikkola was sitting in his office, 30 kms away in Turku, while maneuvering the ship. " Game changer for Maritime industry is here. Let's adapt ourselves for new changes.



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  • What does it mean GUT FEELING?

    2019-02-25 12:22:23 | Personal Development

    WHY? Why would somebody who has everything, finally peace in mind, healthy-happy family, 6 figure annual salary, cannot settle and enjoy the fruits of hard work done to achieve all this? Why cannot this one live like normal people does? Because all of us WE AIM FOR LIMITLESS and there will never ever be enough (YES it applies to all), the only difference between people is that one group accepts their imaginative limits and "enjoy" the life, another group are not willing to accept limits, however are not yet in position to understand the fact that no target achieved will give ultimate fulfilment and they spend days in stress and anxiety by achieving something. The only moments of small happiness are when people compare their success with success with others. And sure there is 3rd group, people who understand the fact that there is no sealing to anything, accept it or at least trying to accept it and thus calm their mind, and saved energy put into actions to do great things. Me and my wife we believe and know that every person can achieve full potential, be happy, fulfilled and feel peacefully inside and outside. This is why my family is setting the sail for this new never ending journey to provide people with development programs so they can start to explore their full potential and achieve everything they have dreamed off and feel fulfilled. This is my GUT Feeling to do so. SPECIAL Thank you to all companies I have worked for and who gave me valuable lessons while searching my Why. From now on I am devoting my time to look very deep inside new ways how individuals and groups can open their potential. FOR INDIVIDUALS: I am available as Mentor, assistant. FOR COMPANIES: Does your employee know why he is coming to work? Is he your ambassador? NO??? Than You have serious longterm sustainability issues. No stress, I am available to work with your teams towards their full potential....... END.

    Thank you for reading this. Have a great day all.

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