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Designed by Industry Experts, Professionals &Independent Consultants, our modules will help to find your niche in the maritime world and build on it.

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Innovation in Maritime Industry – System you can have on reduced introductory price.

Basic (Self-Learning) 398 Eur Online Course Materials + Printed Workbooks + Webinars + Individual Mentoring*
Premium Program Approx. 60 days. 498 Eur
Crash Course - Fastest results (2 weeks intensive) 798 Eur

How It Works

Information about system –
Uniqueness of this system is that you can use it every time you are willing to get Promotion or Achieve any target in your life.

Content Of Program

Modules 1

Self Assessment

  • Learn more about yourself and your optimism levels
  • Importance of optimism
  • Find your strengths
  • Know your maritime skills and find your niche
  • Test your knowledge
Module 2

Clarity with results

  • Know your own mind and your goals
  • Plan your future and chart your course
Module 3

Evolution of a Deck Officer

  • A Deck Officer’s duties, tasks and exercises
  • Hierarchy and roles within the ship
  • What do you need to know to become a good naval officer?
  • How to become a good chief officer?
  • How to become a good ship’s captain?
Module 4

Leadership Skills

  • Managing priorities, time and energy
  • Cultivating patience, self-discipline and self-control
  • Dealing with fatigue, stress and team psychology on board
  • Leadership & efficiency

Bonus Module

  • Family psychology
  • Long term family financial planning

Upcoming Programs

  • How to plan to work ashore?
  • Plan your own business in long term
Module 5

New technologies and future shipping

Main trends in Maritime industry
  • Future prospects of the maritime industry
  • Maritime employment data
  • Skill and training for a career in the maritime industry
  • Planning your future and staying up-to-date
  • What industry leaders are predicting?
Module 6

Measure Improvement

  • Test and assessment
  • Overview of the results
  • Discussion with the program leaders
  • The way forward
We also conduct webinars led by industry experts and provide one-on-one consultation on request for students and mariners.
  • MODULE Virtual Reality Training Course

Our modules are designed to help you achieve success and to realize your dreams. At NexGen Maritime, you will find mentors who can guide your path all through your career and help advance your career in the right direction.

Crash Course
2 Weeks
2 Months
2 Months
1299 / 798 € 999 / 498 € 499 / 398 €
Total no. of modules
Access to an online learning system
Access to all programs
Responsive design that works in PC, Tablet or Mobile
Technical support during the course
Online assignments and tests
Online assessments and review
Online program materials
Recorded webinars
Official certificate of completion
Printed program materials
Live webinars
Welcome interview with Captain Gints Adam
Recommendations letter (only for those who ace their grades)
Job offer from NexGen Maritime (only for those who ace their grades)
Help with crafting resume, LinkedIn account etc.
Personal reminders about assignments
Face-to-face summary


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Results Disclaimer
The course modules of NexGen Maritime are crafted by professionals and industry experts however, learning and implementing this knowledge depends on the individual’s aptitude. As with any learning course, we cannot guarantee a job or a successful career merely through the completion of our courses. Financial success and personal glory in any chosen career are subject to the individual’s aptitude, attitude, willingness to learn, adapt and survive.


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